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I am a carpenter, theologian, author, speaker, and potter. Ten years ago I moved into Camden, NJ. There, my son Simon, my wife, Cassie, and myself are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Camden Houses, a small Christian community sharing daily life. I grew up Catholic, spent many years growing and serving at Willow Creek Community Church outside of Chicago, and a few months studying ecology and theology while living in the rainforest of Belize.
I enjoy speaking at various congregations, conferences, and classes, as well as hosting with my community small conferences on “the new monasticism.” I love to talk about the challenges of theology, ecclesiology, Catholicism, Girardian thought, and community--especially from my perspective in Camden.

A graduate of Eastern University with degrees in Sociology and Theology, I did my graduate work in Theology at Villanova University and now occasionally teach Religious Studies at Cabrini College.
I co-authored the book Jesus for President with Shane Claiborne, and have recently completed a book about my journey into Camden and the Catholic Church, titled, From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart.
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To the right: 

Top: interviewing me

Middle: a short “book trailer” on From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart.

Below: some friends wanted to talk about what I’m doing in Camden and what it has to do with “caring for Creation.” So I gave a shot at answering.

And at the bottom, an interview with CatholicTV.